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OCTi Agile Consulting

About us

Innovative and Agile, not settling for the norm...

We are a progressive consulting firm taking a pragmatic and agile approach toward engaging with our clients and getting the best results, in the quickest time frame with the least resources. ​

We are product agnostic and focus on our customer's business objectives, challenges, and needs to identify and apply the most appropriate technical and people solutions to best integrate existing technologies and environments.

Our story

OCTi Agile Consulting was established in 2018 and evolved from our mother company Aerosud and has 30 years of real-life skills and experience across multiple business functions and systems in the innovative and competitive world of aerospace design and manufacturing. Aerosud is an internationally recognized supplier to the most significant aircraft manufacturer’s namely Boeing and Airbus.

Recognizing that disruption has become the norm, Aerosud embarked on a transformational journey that resulted in the company pivoting into new markets, services, and products. Our initial market research has proven that there is an urgent need for affordable, fit-for-purpose digital transformation guidance and tools for most business in most industries; the barriers to market was too high utilizing the existing offerings and service providers and that the customers business strategy and processes need to be put in the center of the solution.

With the wealth of knowledge and experience gained in Aerosud's highly regulated Aerospace Industry, OCTi Agile Consulting developed unique, customer-focused techniques to discover and deal with impeding business challenges, find or create innovative solutions and co-create new business opportunities.

We commit and strive to make a positive impact on local and international economies and passionately share and transfer our skills and know-how with other businesses in a way that provides workable solutions with a measurable effect on growth and development.

Meet the team

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