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OCTi Agile Consulting

Dive into the new age of accelerated businesses

Our expertise


Active in a variety of industries

Three decades of experience in the highly regulated aerospace sector enables us to share our skills, knowledge, and insights to quickly adapt and solve problems in the medical, automotive, and additive manufacturing sectors.

Business process management that is more than just theory or presentations

Leveraging best-of-breed technology and taking a pragmatic approach when analyzing your business allows us to fully understand the scope of the business challenges.  Solutions are custom-built to satisfy your needs, all the while keeping the future expansion of your business in mind.

Much more than just PLM, ERP or QMS

The ARAS INNOVATOR platform allows us to move your people, processes, and tools into the industry 4.0 arena with flexible and scalable solutions that meet business and industry requirements.

If you need less than PLM, KANBAN and Kanbanize is an effective Alternative

For some, a full-fledged PLM system is too much to handle or not necessary, this is the arena where Kanbanize, and our skills with it, shine.  Building on the principles of KANBAN, as developed by Toyota, this cloud-based solution can handle almost any task in your business providing you with the necessary visibility, control, and analytics.

We help build an interdependent company culture characterized by Candor, Trust, and Transparency

In collaboration with Grid International, these consulting services address the most critical factor involved in truly effective organization transformation: culture

Culture conditions people to think feel and act in ways that may contradict profitability and/or effectiveness.

Traditions, precedents, and past practices come to control what people do rather than being determined by what the situation requires. As a result, many organizations are being operated in ways that fit the past but are unsuited to existing or future conditions.


Organization Transformation requires a fundamental shift in the assumptions, values, and beliefs that drive people’s behavior, relationships, and norms.


These dynamics are the largely hidden and underestimated force that will regulate the success and momentum of sought-after changes. They are simply a fact of life and are always present. You cannot stop, suppress or in some other way, avoid them. 


The only course for change is to shine a bright light on them through capacity building and performance improvement skills that generate awareness, manage and ultimately harness these dynamics in ways that advance organization transformation.

The bottom line is if you put the work into your culture upfront, countless strategy problems will be avoided, and creativity and innovation will thrive.

We integrate our ecosystem with your business and ecosystem

As the famous business author, Jim Collins states “with the right Whom you can do any What”

Given our long and illustrious careers, we are blessed to have a very rich, diverse, and talented resource pool made up of incredible individuals and specialist companies that we have chosen to partner with, to bring our clients the most progressive solutions available today.

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